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How we work
A key component to Element 8 Management is our ability to develop each client's legacy by leveraging their visibility and potential celebrity into brand strengthening opportunities. We expand upon our client's respective core business by focusing on activities in ancillary areas. Our team possesses the perfect mix of business acumen and sensitivity to monetize our client using fame recognition in tangible ways that do not compromise the integrity of the client.
Image by Oladimeji Odunsi
Element 8 Management(E8) is a multi-platform business management and marketing company that offers a wide selection of services to professional athletes, artists, business leaders, entertainers and influencers. We incorporate personal management, brand development and business consultation. Our primary focus is to identify opportunities and execute strategies to expand each client's brand into ancillary markets.
Element 8 Management core team consists of former athletes, entertainment, and marketing industry veterans who possess unique combinations of business acumen and creative vision to maximize opportunities for our clients and expand the scope of their businesses. From the details associates with coordinating a client's schedule, to more the long-term broader aspects of career planning, to strategic marketing, to investment in our client’s respective brands, we have the ability and strength to handle all of our client’s needs.
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